Action Forest and Carbon Emissions

Emissions Trading has the potential to make one of the biggest changes to the NZ forest industry since the introduction of Radiata Pine. The decisions you make about your forest now will impact significantly on its future value and the options open to you for future use of the land.

Free Tradable Emissions Units

Already many forest owners have released cash from their forests, simply by selling their allotted units on the NZCX or through other markets.

exemption deadline has passed!

Exemption from Liabilities

Other forest owners have secured their future options for alternative land use by registering an exemption from emissions trading for their forest. The close off date for these options is 30th September 2011. Take action to preserve the value in your forest. Contact our office to discuss your options and find out how we can best help you maximise the value from your forest.


Does your business emit Greenhouse gases? Are you thinking about offsetting your emissions to become Carbon Neutral? Would you like to create a strategic forest asset rather than buying emissions units on the open market?

Forest planting for timber or to restore native bush are options that may work for you by creating additional assets as well as offsetting some of your carbon emissions. To find out how, talk to one of our team today.

rates at which tradable emissions units are created by different types of forest

Graph Showing NZU Accumulation in Different Types of Forest in NZ

More information can be found on the MAF website

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