Afm Forestry Team

Meet the Team

Robin Thompson Director/Manager

Prior to setting up AFM in 2005, Robin worked for 6 years as a Forestry and Rural Fire Consultant providing a wide range of forest management services. He has worked in the forest industry since 1974, working for Baigents and then CHH, holding management positions for Nelson/Canterbury CHH regions. His expertise covers Silviculture, Establishment and Protection Operations, and has managed Harvesting and Roading operations. Robin also has considerable expertise in Rural Fire Management, and operates in the NZ National Rural Fire Authority – National Incident Management Teams, and is a practicing Wildfire Investigator.

Rob Mclean Operations Supervisor

With over 30 years experience in the industry Rob is responsible for delivering high standards of work on time and on budget to AFM's clients. His depth of experience and calm confident approach is respected by the crews he manages and ensures the smooth running of AFM work programs and sub-contracted operations.

Paul Fleming, Forest Protection Security Supervisor

Paul has a wide range of experience in pest control and forest security. He works with AFM's select pool of contractors to provide the following services to AFM clients.

  • Pest Control
  • Boundary Fencing
  • Firebreak and Waterpoint Maintenance
  • Forest Security Gate Implementation and Maintenance
  • Recreation permit monitoring and Forest Patrols

Daryl Walsh, Operations Training

Daryl is a FITEC accredited assessor and uses his considerable expertise and experience in Silvicultural operations to instruct and assess crew members on the skills needed to succeed in their work. He is responsible for ensuring all new crew members achieve the required levels of competence and that they continue to develop through on-going training.

Rory Cobb, Technical Management

Rory has worked in the forest industry since 1995 in the UK before moving to NZ in 2006. His expertise includes Operations Management and Forest Planning. He joined AFM in 2010 to provide H&S management and implementation services to AFM and our clients.

Dean Hewitt, Crew Foreman

Dean has been with AFM since 2008 and is Growsafe qualified, specialising in herbicide applications for pre-plant and release treatments. Dean is as accurate with his camera as he is with his spray gun and has provided many of the photos used on this web site.

Graham Staples Crew Foreman

With 13years experience in the industry, Graham has been with AFM since 2007 and has a broad skill base with special expertise in chainsaw thinning. He runs a tight ship ensuring all members of his crew are well trained in the skills necessary to do a good job in even the most arduous of conditions.

Riki Temoananui, Crew Foreman

Riki has been with AFM since 2008 stepping up to lead his crew in 2009. He is qualified to supervise aircraft loading for aerial applications as well as being Growsafe qualified. Riki's attention to detail is passed on to his crew ensuring the job is done right first time.

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